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I’m honestly not sure how these few short words can provide the amount of justice he deserves, but I’ll try. From his positivity to enthusiasm, he’s hands-down one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him enough. He always knew exactly what to say to provide the motivation and support I needed. He is kind, patient, and you can tell that he is determined and passionate to have his clients see results. We went through a trial and error phase to ultimately determined what exercises and meals would have worked best for my body type. No other trainer took that approach with me prior. He kept working at it until my plan was perfect and I began to see optimize results. When goings got tough, he kept it fun and light but kept me accountable. He not only focused on physical health but also emphasized the importance of headspace and mindset. Kaleb was extremely thorough with me and always communicated the best course of action within the different levels of training we had together. Whether that pertained to a meal plan, strength workouts, or even providing techniques and suggestions to tap into the proper mental headspace for before, during, and after each session. He genuinely taught me what it meant to fall in love with yourself through treating your body and mind with the proper respect and attention it deserves. I’ve lost 30+ HEALTHY pounds under Kaleb’s guidance! He’s like family at this point! So much so that I invited him to my wedding only after training together a few short months!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH KALEB!

- Jasmine Galloway


“The body achieves what the mind believes”

When it came to my journey towards a healthy lifestyle and fitness goals, my mind persevered but never in a good way. Over the years I developed negative habits during periods of poor mental health and although I could pick myself up and try to reach my goals, I was convinced I’d never get there and constantly failed. Kaleb’s program knows that the key to reaching fitness goals is about having a healthy mindset and building positive habits. That was the missing piece in previous programs I’ve done that strictly focused on diet and exercise. We took a deep dive into my routine, and why I self-sabotage. For my specific success we focused on positive thinking and swapping out negative habits to habits that are more constructive. I slowly went from I can’t do this, to I think I can do this, to I know I can do this. And the body achieves what the mind believes!


Kaleb’s workout plan was unique to me because I always wanted results fast and exercised as a means to erase the physical damage from overeating. We focused on keeping track of strength progression, which was new for me, but ignoring the scale weight for the gym weights helped me avoid giving up like I used to when I didn’t see my measurements change. Overall having Kaleb’s support towards reaching my fitness goal rewarded me more than just physical progress. Being this consistent with my routine towards reaching my goals has given me the confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to.


What is it about change that scares us? Or seems scary or nerve-wracking? The mere mention of dieting causes some people to go into fits of emotions about which diet works and why. In summer 2018, I was desperate for change. I found myself at 31 and the biggest I had ever been in my life. What went wrong. A number of drunk girls’ nights, and I was the best couch potato around, I could have played one on TV. (lol) 

​I was discouraged by my boyfriend at the time to seek help from a Trainor. He was insecure and kept trying to convince me I could do it alone. But I kept getting bigger. Finally, I had it and signed up for a gym, they had trainers there, and the one I was assigned to did not embody what I wanted to be.


​How could I take advice for school from someone who never went to school? Same for my body if your body doesn’t look right, how are you going to help me. Then I saw Kaleb; he looked, well frankly, he looked like the definition of fitness. I had been a nurse for 11 years, and when I saw his physique, I said I wanted him to train me. Belly fat is a true indicator of overall health, and he had slim to none, never mind his overall fitness, but my belly size was a source of depression.


It was not easy. Deep inside, my muscle memory and overall will to lose weight were the only cards I brought, but Kaleb had the rest. He rebuilt me from inside. I refused to get on the scale. We all must accept muscle weighs more than fat and your genetics play a role in how fat is distributed throughout your body. So, my pictures are my testimony. But it is a lifestyle making the right food choices, sleeping well, exercise, and don’t forget Kaleb. He is the key to the MAGIC. 


- Amy B. RN, BSN


"Kaleb's coaching pushed me to limits that I didn't think I could, but he made me accountable, and in-the-end, I was able to accomplish goals I didn't think I could.  I'm glad he didn't hold back and saw in me what I couldn't, which led me to my success, and he does it with compassion and passion for his work.  Sometimes you need someone to see in you what you can't and isn't afraid to push your limits that you yourself are afraid to push. Thank you for never allowing my own excuses to get in my way."

- Brenda T.


I never went to the gym before in my entire life, and I started with the lightest weight with Kaleb. My original intention of coming to the gym was to lose weight and tone my body, not because I like it, and I never had any thoughts on gaining muscles. However, afterward, I started to understand the benefits of working out. Also, I learned more about fitness through the clear instructions and supervision of Kaleb! 
My acknowledge of fitness increases as I keep workouts. He also cares about how I feel or if I had enough protein and sleep afterward. My highest achievement with Kaleb was a barbell squat with 135lbs, which is 20lbs over my body weights, and I’ll never forget the moment when I hit my PR!
I’d recommend Kaleb to all my friends who want a healthier body and good shape!

- Jennifer S.


When I began working with Kaleb as a personal trainer, I was 50+ and hadn’t set foot in a gym in over 20 years. Everything was hurting because I had no muscle strength. Kaleb made a plan and we got to work. He understood my limitations and gave me workouts and coaching to reach my goals, as i  continuously hit personal bests, while gaining strength, muscle definition and confidence. Kaleb also checked in regularly to make sure I was getting the right nutrition. By the time COVID shut us down I was stronger and in better shape than I was in my 20’s. Thanks Kaleb!!

- Margaret L.

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